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How many sessions will I need?

People often ask this when they first get in touch. It's very hard to say as people respond differently to treatment and come with many different types of symptoms. I generally suggest that a course of treatment will be beneficial and suggest that people consider coming for at least 4 sessions. By that point, they will have gained a feel for the type of benefits they can expect after treatment and many issues may have resolved. Treatment planning is flexible and people are generally happy to be guided through it.

How much will it cost?

Please enquire directly about costs. I am often able to offer a package for a block of treatments or a discount if frequent sessions are required e.g. during an IVF cycle.


On 5th November 2020 I was granted permission by both The British Acupuncture Council and Broxtowe Borough Council to continue offering acupuncture to those with urgent or high needs (such as being in the middle of fertility treatment), during Lockdowns in England.

Prior to coming for treatment for the first time, I will send out details of the Covid-Safety procedures I have introduced into my clinic along with a Covid-screening questionnaire which should be filled in prior to every treatment. Please feel free to ask any questions on this topic.

I'm a little unsure and have a lot of questions...

I'm happy to provide a free 1/2 hour consultation to anyone who is curious to know more before committing to making an appointment for the first time. Please get in touch if you would like to book a consultation.

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